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Thai Street Eatery

Khaosan Road


Have you been to Thailand? If not, then you are probably wondering what is Khaosan Road?


When visiting Bangkok, Thailand; Khaosan Road is one of the top destinations in the country to explore. Khaosan Road is in Bang Lamphu, an area near the Grand Palace or Wat Phra Kaew. It was constructed in 1892 during the reign of King Rama V, with over 100 years of history of social-economic impact in Thailand. Khaosan translates to “milled rice” in Thai, as it was once a street that was known to be a center for trading rice.

For the past 40 years; Khaosan Road has developed into a world-famous walking street and a hub for pedestrians, backpackers, and budget-oriented travelers visiting Southeast Asia. More than 50,000 tourists visit Khaosan Road daily, for it is well-known for celebrating Songkran Festival (Thai New Year) during mid-April, where water splashing among friends, can turn into a huge water fight.


Khaosan Road is a colorful and vibrant part of Bangkok, where Thais come to mingle with travelers at the best bars and clubs in town and for the bargains in delicious local food and shopping. One does not need to walk too far to find food on Khaosan Road. There are many street vendors selling standard fare such as spring rolls and Pad Thai to more exotic cuisine, such as fried grasshoppers and scorpions.

It is a place, where party goers drink from colorful buckets and dance throughout the night with it being one of the best nightlife scenes in the world. Accessible clean and comfortable accommodation are available near the area at all price ranges. Khaosan Road is sealed off from vehicle traffic at certain times of the day, with the road lined with vendors, selling various goods ranging from clothing to souvenirs.

Our mission here is to bring the “Khaosan Road Experience” directly to you in Coral Gables. We are committed to provide authentic and delicious Thai street food in a remarkable ambiance, so it will feel like you are sitting in Khaosan Road yourself!

Thank you for coming and we hope you enjoy!

Fun Fact: Do you know what our logo symbolized?

Answer:  Tuk Tuk. A vehicle with three wheels, where one can travel in-style.


The Menu

Food for Every Mood

Khaosan Road_Chili Fish.jpg

Chili Fish

Served All Day

Khaosan Road_Jumping Shrimp.jpg

Jumping Shrimp

The Perfect Choice


157 Giralda Ave,Coral Gables, FL 33134

(305) 444-2397

Please call for reservation,  we take reservation only for parties of 6 or more.

Opening Hours

Dine In or Take Away

Monday - Friday: 11:30am - 10pm

 Saturday - Sunday: 12:00pm - 10pm

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